about david macmoyle

p5_160_9420-compressorDavid MacMoyle grew up dreaming about becoming the first Asian point guard for the New York Knicks. Jeremy Lin ultimately beat him to the punch, but he keeps his sneakers in his car in case Phil Jackson ever needs him.


Since David’s NBA dreams were shattered, he moved onto his next dream – rock star. He started an indie screamo band called Ash Way in college with dreams of touring the country in a van. While in the band, David found his foray into real marketing – selling and designing his band’s tshirts.ih8aw2-compressor His band wasn’t very good, arguably they were quite terrible, so he created a shirt that said “I H8 ASH WAY.” This shirt catered to both target demographics – the people that loved Ash Way, and the people that hated Ash Way. This shirt sold $238 worth of merch at the next show. The band sold this shirt until they ran out of spray paint.


David’s rock star dream days were numbered once his parents told him to cut his hair and get a real job after graduating from college. He took his parents advice. In the many years since graduating from college David has worked at a variety of financial institutions and tech companies.


David has personally managed millions of dollars in marketing budgets and built countless websites. He has had articles published on financial marketing websites. He is also responsible for the complete redesign of a mobile app and backend software system that is licensed to tens of millions.


David graduated from Liberty University (don’t hold that against him) with a Bachelor of Science in Business, with a Specialization in Marketing.


His favorite thing in the world is being a dad, and watching Korean dramas with his wife. He dreams of his cabin in Wyoming surrounded by nothing but mountains and bears.